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A World-Class Global Platform

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Even though Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is an established global education hub, it is committed to growth and development, introducing pioneering programmes and fostering world-class attachments.

One of such programmes is the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP), which is a dual-degree where graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering Science from the College of Engineering, and a Master of Science in Technology Management from Nanyang Business School. Coming from an electrical and electronic engineering background, Herman Wee Ding Xian, a recipient of the REP Scholarship, believes the degree will launch him to greater heights.

Alicia Lim Jiaqi, a recipient of the Nanyang Scholarship, gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from the many exchange programmes and internships advocated at NTU. As she continues into Year 4 in Communications Studies, she is reaping the benefits of applying what she has learned.

What were your motivations to enrol at NTU?

Alicia: I wanted to pursue my degree in a leading university that has a strong network of academic and industry partners. NTU offers a wide range of non-academic opportunities and global programmes as well, such as international internships and overseas modules. All of these further affirmed my decision to enrol at NTU.

Herman: I was seeking an interdisciplinary and holistic education in a world-class university where I could strengthen my engineering knowledge and business acumen. When REP was introduced, I knew immediately that this was what I wanted – a well-rounded education vital to my deep-seated interests.

Herman Wee Ding Xian

Herman Wee Ding Xian
Renaissance Engineering Programme
Scholarship Holder
Renaissance Engineering Programme

“I was seeking an interdisciplinary and holistic education in a world-class university where I could strengthen my engineering knowledge and business acumen.”

NTU has many programmes to enhance the worldly exposure and experience of its undergraduates. How are the exchange programmes like?

Alicia: NTU programmes offer a deeper approach towards understanding the lifestyle and culture of a country. I have gained cultural intelligence and appreciation for diversity. I even picked up a new language – Swedish – during my six-month exchange in 2016!

Herman: The holistic and global education in REP is assured through a year-long overseas internship and exchange to a partner university. My internship at Dyson Limited (United Kingdom) and academic exchange to Imperial College London will be a period of personal growth where I can indulge in the pursuit of knowledge and expand my global mindset.

What about the overseas internships?

Alicia: My six-month industrial attachment with Havas Worldwide in Shanghai this year exposed me to intense market research and competitive analysis that propelled Fortune 500 brands. On top of working with notable clients including Hershey’s, I got first hand marketing insights from top-notch industrial professionals. I honed my interpersonal skills in a Chinese-speaking community and built my global network of contacts.

Herman: As an RDD intern at Dyson Limited (United Kingdom), I have been given opportunities to explore techniques in data analysis and develop new calibration methods for the global electronics team. It was a privilege to be able to soak in their drive for excellence and be mentored by astute engineers of great creativity.

How has the Nanyang Scholarship support your academics?

Alicia: It gave me academic recognition and opportunities to participate in overseas programmes, an immersion exchange in Europe and a working internship in China. With the scholarship, I am provided with financial freedom to go further without restraints. All these experiences have helped me to expand my personal boundaries and career horizons.

REP is a flagship programme from NTU. Share with us more about REP and the type of jobs graduates can look forward to.

Alicia Lim Jiaqi

Alicia Lim Jiaqi
Nanyang Scholarship Holder
Communication Studies

Herman: The curriculum draws specialisation from six engineering schools. As an engineering course, it is highly holistic. REP has a good focus on management and business as well, which will enable graduates to pursue either a specialist or generalist career.

Looking into the future, what are your career goals and how has NTU prepared you for the corporate world?

Alicia: Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) has provided me with unique opportunities to work on high-level social marketing campaigns and I hope to continue this momentum to create positive change in the world. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and it is my goal to become an effective leader in the field of advertising and marketing.

Herman: I plan to pursue a career where I can be in a position to effectively bring about growth and security to an organisation that aims towards making impactful and meaningful contributions to the society. The REP has been providing support and resources at the highest level to ensure that I receive a world-class global academic education with a robust leadership programme in my pursuit to be a more effective leader.

Any advice for aspiring polytechnic graduates who wish to join NTU and follow in similar footsteps?

Alicia: Keep an open mind and revel in uncertainty! From joining competitions to attending seminars to working overseas, I learned beyond the classroom and ventured out of my comfort zone. That’s what being a university student is about. With the vibrant campus life in NTU, there’s something for everyone.

Herman: Be brave and press on. As Winston Churchill said, “As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.”