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Sailing On Dynamic Careers


Military Expert (ME) 4A (Apprentice) Daryl Leong has been with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) for seven years. One of his most memorable exercises during his time on board RSS Resolution as a marine system expert was Exercise Trident, a bilateral ship-to-shore exercise between the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

As a marine system expert, he is responsible for the myriad of systems that are critical to a ship’s functions.

Daryl Leong

ME4A Daryl Leong
Bachelor in Marine Engineering
Singapore Institute of Technology (Newcastle University)

He is grateful for the support of his family on board ships throughout his career, some of whom had been actively part of his professional journey as a sailor and witnessed his personal growth and development.

As part of the training of an officer, ME4A Leong underwent the nine-month training as a midshipman, to be trained as a leader and to hone his skills as an engineer.

He was awarded Distinguished Graduate at the Appointment and Certificate Presentation Ceremony this year. Currently, ME4A Leong is pursuing his degree in Marine Engineering at Singapore Institute of Technology (Newcastle University) under a Navy scholarship, and he hopes to contribute in even bigger ways.

ME1 Ng Yu Hui

ME1 Ng Yu Hui
Communication System Expert
RSS Supreme (Formidable-class frigate)

“I'm proud to be serving alongside a team of professionals who are committed to keep our maritime nation thriving.”

Military Expert (ME) 1 Ng Yu Hui, communication system expert on board RSS Supreme, a Formidable-class frigate, has been with RSN for over two years. Most recently, her ship was part of Singapore’s first International Maritime Review (IMR) which involved more than 25 warships.

ME1 Ng‘s responsibilities include sending and receiving vital information, such as reporting on the position of the ship. She fulfils her duties by operating an array of advanced and sophisticated communication equipment.

The camaraderie through training kept ME1 Ng tight-knitted with her fellow graduates from her batch. They participated in the recent RSN Golden Jubilee celebration parade.

All Navy personnel are regularly evaluated in their competency in Firefighting and Damage Control (FFDC). She learnt valuable lessons with her ship crew after the FFDC training.

She joined the Spartan Race in May together with her friends from the Navy. The resilience and team spirit shown are what Navy personnel are about. She is proud to be serving alongside a team of professionals who are committed to keep our maritime nation thriving.