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Roboto Coding Academy is Singapore's premier Coding Academy. We provide coding courses specially designed for young children and teenagers within a fun and friendly environment. We actively seek to collaborate with schools, student care centres and other like-minded organizations to bring Roboto's programs and courses to as many beneficiaries as possible. With design-centric classes and a tailor-made curriculum, our students pick up programming knowledge fast, and can then use the computational thinking skills they have developed in all aspects of life.


Our mission is to educate our youth through technology, equip them with the skills to succeed in the digital age, and transform their lives through computational thinking.
Our unwavering focus in our 3 Core Values sets us apart: Technology, Education & Service.



Roboto Academy is committed to:
(i) Grooming the next generation of developers, designers and leaders who understand code,
(ii) Cultivating Computational Thinking in our youth.