How to Stand Out in a Group Interview
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How to Stand Out in a Group Interview

How to Stand Out in a Group Interview

An increasing number of companies are turning to creative hiring practices – such as group interviews – to find the best fit between prospective candidates and available job positions. Give yourself an edge in a group interview with these pointers:

Do Your Homework

Never go to a group interview without first familiarising yourself with the company – from the work it does to its mission, core values and goals. You should also take the time to draft out your responses to possible questions that interviewers might ask.

For example, if you are interviewing for a business consultancy firm, the interviewer might want you to suggest several ideas that could help improve the profitability of a client's company. Be sure to read up on other companies in the same industry or examine current business practices, so that you are able to identify sound solutions. This will show just how keen you are about the position, and is also a good indication of the dedication you will display as a hired employee.

Showcase Yourself

While you may find yourself contending with other jobseekers in a group interview, the key to acing it is to focus on showcasing yourself – not on putting down your competition. After all, a capable person rises on his own merits and not by stepping on the backs of others.

In addition, actively identify instances that allow you to showcase your individuality and personality, while remaining sincere and genuine. This will help create a lasting impression with the interviewers and enable them to remember you more vividly. A good way to do this is to actively engage your fellow applicants when the opportunity arises. This will mark you as a team player and allow the interviewer to see how you interact with others.

Another thing that contributes to leaving an impression is your attire. The great thing about this is that it is largely in your control, so dress to impress! The rule of thumb is to go with an outfit that is chic, classy and professional. Nobody wants to be remembered as "the sloppy and smelly one".

Navigate Tactfully

Be acutely aware of your surroundings. This is especially important when interviewers are observing a group discussion that you are having with your fellow jobseekers. In such a scenario, there are bound to be a good mix of personality types, some more dominating than others. Make an effort to not only have your voice heard but to also include the quieter candidates in the discussion.

You should also make an effort to listen, add and build on the responses given by your fellow candidates. The ability to do all of the above will display your flair for collaborative work and also highlight your willingness and openness to explore new ideas – all of which are much desired characteristics in an employee.